About The Butler

Our history

In 1972, Michel, a former driving school teacher, founded GTD after being asked by his customers to transport goods. From transport to removals and furniture storage, GTD evolved rapidly. In 1998, Alain, then chairman of Form'a, saw the obvious link between GTD and Form'a.

Alain became the owner of GTD, focusing the company on furniture logistics, with multi-site inventories, repackaging, storage, and inbound and outbound management. He also acquired DTS, which specialises in the maintenance and installation of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems.

In 2012, Alain was reunited by chance with his former trainee, Pascal, then Director of Markets and Large Organisations at Strafor. After his experiences at Damier and Faceo, Pascal shared the vision of an essential service within companies and wanted to make the concept of the Butler of living places.

Alain, convinced by this vision, entrusts Pascal with his precious projects.
Since 2013, The Butler of Living Places has been operating in three areas: Services, Works and Transfers & Logistics.

Our values


We put the well-being of your employees, your operational agility and your corporate image at top priority. Your challenges are our challenges, and we're committed to working alongside you.


We are committed to you and each member of your team. Our actions are guided by your interests, in both the short and long term.


Passionate about what we do, we see ourselves as full members of your team, but also as actors involved in the life of your company.



Observers, and on the lookout for the smallest detail, we anticipate your needs and desires, in a constant effort to satisfy you.


We carefully cultivate our people skills with your customers, your management and your staff.

Field experience: An asset for managing the company

Our butlers at the right school

Because our butlers must be ready to deal with any situation and become your trusted contacts, we take particular care in their training.


Our teams are experienced in the best practices of careful expression. For greater efficiency, they are equipped with a messaging system and trained to deal with emails quickly and thoroughly.

Managing emotions

A butler must be able to react to any situation with responsiveness and self-control. Building on our partnership with Connnection & Leadership, we support our teams to understand their abilities and manage their emotions.

Team work

A butler works better as part of a team! Our teams learn to coordinate and establish a group dynamic that is beneficial to the accomplishment of their mission.

Our labels

A certified partner

The Butler of living places is part of a quality approach which results in a certification policy for all of its activities.

The ISO 14001 is based on the continuous improvement of performance by controlling the impact of the company's activities throughout its production cycles. It demonstrates a commitment to an environmental approach, both internally and with customers.

The iso 9001 brings together certain requirements for the implementation of a quality management system. It results in the implementation of methodologies capable of offering quality services to customers.

Our certificates