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Since 1973, GTD has been specializing in the relocation, handling, storage, cleaning, and refurbishment of furniture for both commercial and residential clients. Additionally, we offer furniture logistics services, managing both inbound and outbound flows. In these cases, efficient flow and inventory management, utilizing state-of-the-art tools, is crucial. We also provide miscellaneous support services to meet various client needs.

Transfer of premises

Discover our 4 areas of expertise


Mobility, our core business

Mobility has been our core business since 1972.
We'd like to thank all those who have placed their trust in us, and who continue to push us to expand the scope of our services day by day.
With you, we have moved from the world of the "Or" (removal man, or plumber, or electrician, etc.) to the world of the "And" (removal man, removable partition and false ceiling fitter, factotum, joiner, painter and electrician, etc.).

Thanks to you, we've built up a comprehensive mobility offering aimed at all companies or organisations looking for an SME with multiple skills.

We're always ready to take action, whether it's to provide solutions, relocate, reorganize workspaces or empty your premises.
In this way, we offer our employees opportunities for development through training.

Company removals

Moving company is stressful for your employees.
Take advantage of over 49 years' experience to support you throughout your project.


  • Planning
  • Thinking about the best way to organise
  • Financial valuation
  • Preparation, location and labelling
  • Management of relocation
  • After-sales service
  • Recovery of unused furniture


  • Inventory & Internal transfer
  • Troubleshooting
  • Miscellaneous materials

Redevelopment & optimisation

Your organisations are changing. Ask us to help you optimise your facilities without neglecting operations.

  • Engineering
  • Space planning
  • Removal and installation of partitions
  • Painting and flooring
  • Electrical compliance and adaptation
  • Plumbing
  • Air conditioning (DTS)

You want to free up space and get rid of equipment, partitions and furniture. We can provide these services in an environmentally-friendly way.

Emptying & Cleaning

  • Handling
  • Clearance of obsolete furniture
  • Site emptying

Inventory & Recycling

Economy & Control

An inventory enables each asset to be located and its vnc to be associated with it. Depreciation is justified and helps to reduce your company's tax base. You can decide whether to donate, sell or scrap. Your accountant will appreciate this. And so will your Finance Director.

We guarantee efficiency in the implementation of your projects.
We adopt a unique, attentive approach (Reflection - Action - Reflection - Efficiency)

When we know exactly what we own, we're immediately surprised. We throw away, sell or recycle. It makes space and gets rid of things. In short, it's great fun. But it's no fun at all, especially when you don't have the time, the motivation or the tools to do it. Yet it's the start of a major source of savings that is underestimated and little-known. In fact, when you talk about inventory, you also talk about occupied m² and the resources needed to manage them, which means significant unidentified costs.


Our methodology

It's simple and saves you time. First we need to identify all the standards or families of goods. Once this catalogue has been set up and validated together, we place a barcode in the agreed format on all the goods and link them to the corresponding standard. We do this using state-of-the-art tools on our Flex application in Saas mode.

Your profit

You can use the application to build up your inventory. You have an increasingly clear view of the extent of your assets by site, business unit, standard or family.
You can then reallocate items or set up a replacement programme, while at the same time opening up your catalogue to third parties on specific standards in maximum quantities so you can get rid of them without throwing them away.

Steering & Recycling

Nothing could be simpler. You put together a basket of items and quantities to be sold. We create the corresponding sub-directories and give access to the natural persons (your employees) or legal entities designated by you. By recycling them, you give a second life to your goods. Just like any other butler, we give you our opinion. You decide and we act on your choices.

And then

There's always an aftermath. You can decide to do it again once a year, to continue as you go along to avoid going over the same ground again, or even to outsource the global logistics of your goods to get rid of this time-consuming subject once and for all.

Furniture logistics


Well entrusted & Availability

You entrust us with your goods (furniture, IT, works of art, etc.). We receive them, clean them, repair them if necessary, protect them and store them. We assign them a barcode or QR code so you can find out what you own.

We guarantee efficiency in the implementation of your projects.
We adopt a unique, attentive approach (Reflection - Action - Reflection - Efficiency)

Industrialise the re-use of your goods

You are aware that we need to change our behaviour. Reuse and recycling are no longer old-fashioned. It's even fashionable, and it's the right thing to do to protect the planet. Our activity has several advantages. You free up expensive storage space in your buildings. You finally know what you own and can decide whether to donate it to your employees or to charities, or to scrap it, recycle it or sell it. You can view a catalogue of your possessions online at any time. You can ask for your goods to be made available at any time. In short, you benefit by freeing up m², you have online knowledge of your assets (furniture, IT, etc.), you can allocate your teams to other, more important tasks, and you go from knowing what furniture is being stored on an ad hoc basis to having a clear, precise vision with an ROI of less than 12 months.

Eco-responsible logistics

In practical terms

As goods are received (computer furniture, works of art, etc.), we record each product and create a catalogue of new or used products received. At this stage, we clean and repair used products, or even repair several damaged ones to make one that is in good condition. You can also decide to make a general inventory of your goods to deal with the subject. We'll be happy to help.

Eco-responsible & economical

Experience shows that you will have real and complete knowledge of costs, so naturally you will seek to reduce them and change your behaviour. Only the useful and essential will survive. The superfluous will disappear over time. We'll help you do this, because our added value also lies in analysing your consumption so that you know what to keep and what to get rid of. You decide. Your approach will be both economical and eco-responsible.


Our application can be accessed via the web. You have a username and password that allow you to access your catalogue. You can then consult it, but also decide to put together a basket of items that you want to move to another site, sell to a broker, give to your colleagues or throw away. Finally, you can decide to give access rights to certain members of your staff or colleagues.

 Authorised access for certain third parties

If you wish to sell or donate items, you must inform us of the third parties you authorize to access the catalog and for what purpose. Once specified, the designated third parties can
select items, make payments, and collect them from an agreed-upon location.

Consultation Section

Discover our practical advice to simplify your move and optimise the management of your furniture. Download our complete guides for a hassle-free transition and efficient management.