The Butler of Living Spaces

We founded MLV to build tailor-made solutions in the field of consulting, management and services. As early as 2013, we understood that the services provided to occupants were the primary challenge facing companies. Our personalized approach and our understanding of corporate challenges have enabled us to develop a range of services to best meet your needs.

Project management support

Ensuring the smooth progress of your project

As the act of building becomes more and more complex, due to ever-changing regulations, many project owners turn to a professional to provide them with a framework of understanding and decision-making tools. From compliance with administrative rules to the right choice of contractors and the right expression of needs, support requires the implementation of a coherent set of reflections and actions, which the project owner's assistant can provide thanks to his or her experience and know-how.

The project owner's assistant also supports the customer throughout all the stages of the project, from feasibility to handover, ensuring that budgets, deadlines and regulations are respected.

Third-party relations

As project management assistants, we act as efficient intermediaries, ensuring smooth communication between all stakeholders.

Our role is to :

  • Pass on information to the various parties involved at the request of the project owner,
  • Not to give orders to the various parties involved,
  • Be insured for Professional Civil Liability,
  • Ensure compliance with contractual rules.

Tasks & Responsibilities on behalf of the project owner

Shape your project with the expertise of our Project Management Assistant. We can help you to : 

  • Participate in the definition of strategic objectives and functional and technical requirements through programming,
  • Identify quality and organisational constraints and requirements,
  • Ensure the feasibility of project implementation in terms of organizational, legal, budgetary, planning and resource aspects,
  • Make recommendations and help with the choice of solution and service providers,
  • Advising the project owner in its dealings with the administrative authorities,
  • Guarantee coordination and management throughout the life of the project,
  • Control the services provided by the project manager and other parties involved, from the preliminary design specifications phase,
    the drafting of specifications, through to the completion of the project dossier (DOE).

The project management assistant reports to the project owner.

What is a delegated project owner?

When the Project Owner does not have the intention, the human resources or the necessary skills to carry out the operational tasks implied by the role, he can entrust total responsibility for the operation to an agent who is the Delegated Project Owner.

The assistant project owner cannot be a delegated project manager, nor the project manager.

Manage your services


The future is not the sum of common interests, but a shared destiny

Many people are wondering about third-party management of services for buildings and their occupants. There is no ideal solution. It works well when you know how to set it up and use it. The first challenge is to determine the scope of the services you intend to outsource, and under what model. A professional will confirm the feasibility of your project. Our primary ambition is to support you in this process. The next challenge is the ability to manage services, because you need to know how to drive a coach unless you like rodeo.
The same applies to contracts with service providers. We can also train you to manage a contract and accompany you as you become a top rider.

A 4-step project

Define the initial perimeter

  • Technical and/or services,
  • Direct costs: invoices, contracts, works ...
  • Indirect costs: expenditure on monitoring services compared with costs prior to the study.

Validate the technical and financial target

  • Make sure it is realistic and achievable,
  • How do we deal with "faire-faire"?
  • Define the indicators (SLA/KPI) and the timetable,
  • Define internal governance.

Managing the project

  • Draw up and validate the specifications together,
  • Defining service providers and carrying out the consultation,
  • Submit a T&F analysis,
  • Decide: your choice,
  • Developing steering and governance tools.

Put into operation

  • Controlling start-up,
  • Managing the service and bringing it to life,
  • Reading and analysing reports,
  • Co-constructing changes,
  • Continuous improvement.

Office Management

Managing a contract requires constant attention, regular monitoring of the services delivered and an exchange of efficient and timely reporting.
The satisfaction of the occupants, the involvement of the service provider and cost control must guide the management of the project.

Ad-hoc management : We can also take over from your Office Manager if you are away on holiday, for example.

The hybrid service: Steering, Factotum & Compliance

Saying it well makes people laugh. Doing it right keeps customers and wins new ones.

You're looking for a service provider who can both replace a flickering neon sign and talk to an inspection body about your potential problems.
regulatory non-compliance. He's right here!

The model is simple: experienced pilots supervise your factotums. An operational intervention coupled with a piloting service!
You pay for what you use. We agree on the what, the how (we have the experience) without forgetting the how much.

So let's give it a try?

The + : Our HELP application in Saas mode for tracking all interventions and their results.


From water leaks to broken windows and faulty sockets, we provide a practical solution with an appropriate, tailor-made conservation measure.


Not to be underestimated, we're going to challenge you on this often overlooked, restrictive and costly subject.
And yet, the risk is very high, especially for the head of the facility.


At the office, we take care of the "professional and private" irritants like a butler. When you're at home working from home, we'll deliver, repair and make sure you're set up properly.

Our approach to eco-responsibility

We design service with empathy, kindness and proximity

We use natural products, starting with bicarbonate of soda, glassoul and household vinegar, not forgetting elbow grease! We disinfect your goods using 100° Celsius dry steam and/or repair them to give them a new lease of life.

Occupant services

The troubleshooter, a service provider like no other

In response to emerging challenges and needs, companies may enlist service providers to alleviate specific logistical burdens. But many realize that this is not enough... and this is where troubleshooters can be of considerable help.

Dealing effectively with all day-to-day problems.

Identify risks to prevent problems and ensure peace of mind.

Listening to employees to take away their worries.